Thursday, December 30, 2010

Let KeyRingThing Help You Keep Those Resolutions!

We do it, too ... start out the New Year making handfuls of resolutions, confident that this year we'll keep them, and end up disappointed in ourselves when we don't. Well this year, let KeyRingThing help you with two of the most declared resolutions of any year:

1. Simplify my life and

2. Get in shape

#1 is no problem … with KeyRingThing! This wallet-sized card can hold up to six bar codes from any of your discount, loyalty, shopping or membership cards. Imagine no more fumbling for that grocery card while holding up the checkout line -- or actually making use of all those benefits you get when you use your drug store card, or discovering discounts you never knew were available when you go to that home improvement or electronics retailer.

KeyRingThing not only simplifies your life for a mere $4.95, but saves you money (and if that isn't on your resolutions list, better pencil it in!)

KeyRingThing can also help with Resolution # 2: Get in shape.

If those love handles got a bit bigger over the holidays or your promise to jog daily has turned into walking your old beagle – slowly -- every now and again, why not really hit the gym this year? KeyRingThing pairs with lots of fitness clubs across the country and here's a quick overview of three of them (from the clubs themselves) to help you make that important decision--which one to join:

Lifestyle Family Fitness

We never require long-term contracts and have a program that works with for each member. We offer three fitness club membership programs that will help you reach your fitness goals. You select the program that best fits your needs and your budget and leave the rest to us--we offer straightforward terms and payment options. You’ll also receive a $150 Gift Card to be used for in-club fitness services—on everything from personal training sessions with the pros to exciting classes and boot camps. You can better find your fit with a Free 7-Day Membership (see our website for details by visiting:

Our group fitness programs offer a variety of classes for men and women of all ages and at all fitness levels (more than 30 to choose from), from intense boot camps and kickboxing to yoga and dance. Our programming is spearheaded by seven intense classes created by Les Mills International, the world leader in innovative and effective group fitness solutions. These programs are researched and developed by an experienced team of doctors, trainers and physiologists so that moves are simple, safe and effective in getting the results that they promise. In addition, we offer numerous specialty programs that cater to your specific needs. You’ll find classes for core strength, flexibility, balance, cardiovascular endurance and much more. All programming is refreshed and enhanced every few months to keep you challenged and to keep the excitement going and we offer paths to help you along:

The Lifestyle Path approach harnesses the three most important resources you need for making progress on your journey and realizing your goals:

• Your personal desire to get fit

• Our personalized programming

• Our highly accredited and nationally certified personal trainers and group fitness instructors

Use your $150 gift card two ways:

The Guided Path-Use your $150 gift card for expert guidance from a personal trainer. Start with an in-depth assessment that will identify your goals and then travel down the customized, guided path with personal training or fee-based classes. Finish your journey with a taste of high energy and camaraderie by joining us for a sample class that will empower you and give you the knowledge not only to feel comfortable but also will allow you to choose the program that best fits your needs and goals.

The Self-Guided Path-If you already know how to best reach your fitness goals, enjoy the $150 gift card for any in-club services you want. Cycle away the calories. Surpass all limits in our boot camp. You'll be amazed at the variety and quality of offerings.

Fitness 19

Why pay for what you don’t need? Rather than attract people with space-intensive amenities that most club members never use, we put our resources into quality equipment, and plenty of it. Since we offer the highest in quality and convenience at the lowest price, we don’t push long-term contracts on you. You should work out because you want to, not because you feel obligated.

Since Fitness 19 is opening clubs all over the country at a furious rate, here's a special you won't find at our competitors:

Pre-Sale Membership

Why join a gym that isn’t open yet? We’ll give you two great reasons:

  • Save 50 to 60% off our already low monthly membership fee.
  • Keep your pre-sale rate for as long as you keep your membership.

That pretty much says it all. Visiting a Fitness 19 pre-sale site is the only way to secure the best discount on the best price you’ll probably ever see. It’s also a great opportunity to see mock-ups of the new gym and learn all about our equipment, discounted training packages and down-to-earth, family-friendly culture. But remember, since our gyms don’t take long to build, the typical pre-sale window is only open for a short time. So if you see a location opening soon near you, call or visit a pre-sales office today. It’s one step that will pay you back for a lifetime.

Now, about cardiovascular fitness…

We know how to get your heart pounding. Our state-of-the-art cardio fitness rooms offer many ways to reach your target heart rate…without the wait. The health benefits of regular cardiovascular exercise are well known. It’s a great way to burn calories while toning and training your muscles. The experience is even better when you’re using high quality equipment with advanced ergonomics, easy-to-use consoles and sophisticated heart rate monitoring.

Fitness 19 gyms are filled with comfortable, safe and effective Life Fitness cardio equipment, including Treadmills, Stairclimbers, Lifecycles, Elliptical cross-trainers, Free Weights.

If you lift it, chances are we’ve got it. You don’t need a giant gym to have full access to the best dumbbell, bench, rack and cable crossover systems available. From beginner to lifelong lifter, we know you’ll be comfortable here, with access to all the tools you need to continue to challenge yourself and forge your physique.

Industry leading manufacturers such as Life Fitness are driving constant improvements in ergonomics and safety, and all Fitness 19 gyms are fully equipped to provide the utmost in quality, variety and availability. Our free weight areas include the best of everything:Dumbbells / Barbells, Benches, Multi-jungles, 8-station Crossover Cable, Smith Assisted Squat Machines, Power Racks and Hammer Strength Plate-Loaded Equipment.

Strength Training: also known as resistance training, is an essential part of overall fitness, but it’s overlooked by many in favor of cardio and free weights. There’s more to strength training than just getting strong. It’s about shaping and toning your body to achieve the visible results and health benefits you seek. This is where you can really target certain muscles, especially with our variety of excellent Life Fitness and Hammer Strength MTS equipment.

Whatever your personal fitness goals, our trainers can show you the most efficient path. Benefit from the expertise of people who have been there. It's the best way to stay focused and motivated. Like everything else at Fitness 19, our fitness packages are affordable, and our trainers are friendly and fun. For more information and the membership specials we have running now, please visit us at

24 Hour Fitness

Throughout our 27-year history, we've held fast to our mission of helping people change their lives through fitness. We recognize that every person has their own set of goals and their own unique perspective of what a fitness center means to them. Some members want to shed a few extra pounds and some members simply want to get healthier. 24 Hour Fitness makes clubs affordable and accessible to people of all abilities and fitness levels because we believe there is an athlete in all of us. Here's some of what we offer:

Aerobic and Step Classes

Aerobics classes and step aerobics classes are still two of the most popular and effective workouts to build cardiovascular endurance.

Boot Camp Classes

Enjoy a variety of classes that may use jump ropes, boxing drills, free weights and even a little healthy competition.

Cycling Classes

24 Hour Fitness cycling classes combine authentic cycling drills with music to create challenging workouts for members of all fitness levels.

Dance Classes

24 Hour Fitness group exercise dance classes are designed for all fitness levels whether you are a new dancer or an experienced dance diva.

Kick Boxing Classes

These high-intensity classes are a great full body workout, incorporating a broad range of punches and athletic drills. Les Mills' BODYPUMP® AND BODYFLOW® - available at select locations. Push your limits and reach your fitness goals faster with these exciting classes – you’ll be addicted! BODYPUMP® is the original barbell class that strengthens your entire body. BODYFLOW® is the Yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates workout that builds flexibility and strength and leaves you feeling centered and calm.

Mind & Body Classes

Fitness mind/body classes combine traditional practices with modern formats and techniques to deliver a meaningful calorie-burning exercise class.

Senior Classes

All ages enjoy our group exercise senior fitness classes, designed to be low-impact for people at all fitness levels.

Strength Classes

Tone and sculpt your muscles while you burn fat and improve overall bone density with a 24 Hour Fitness strength class.

Water Classes

Up your fitness routine with one of our latest water class offerings, and re-energize your workouts with something new!

Zumba Classes

If you enjoy moving and shaking your hips to a Latin beat, you'll love this dance workout. No partners are needed and regular tennis shoes are recommended. Salsa, Reggaeton and more. This is more of a party than a workout! Suitable for all levels.

We like to think that being a 24 Hour Fitness member is a great deal – and we hope you’ll agree. By offering you more than 400 convenient club locations, access to the latest fitness equipment, a host of exciting amenities, expert personal trainers and flexible membership options, we aim to give you your money’s worth. But the benefit of your 24 Hour Fitness membership doesn’t stop at the four walls of our clubs. As a 24 Hour Fitness member, you’re also eligible to take advantage of our fit:perks program. With the fit:perks program, you can sign up to start receiving valuable discounts on products and services from brand-name partner companies. All you have to do is log in using your user name or your club Check-In code. Then you can buy the products and services you normally buy or find new items that you’ve overlooked until now. Either way, you’ll earn discounts on every purchase, from partners like Budget, Barnes & Noble, Dell and just by being a 24 Hour Fitness member. Learn more by visiting us at:

A tip from KeyRingThing: Most clubs have specials, discounts and unadvertised classes available only to members and card holders. Be sure to sign up for any extra perks available with your membership (and if you don't see what you need on their websites, ask! The right question can save you lots of money...)

These clubs are just three of the hundreds of fitness clubs, health spas, sports retailers, and vitamin/supplement stores that can be added to your KeyRingThing making your wallet lighter and your life more organized. We'll be profiling others in this blog throughout the year.

Whichever club, store, or discount programs you choose to buy, KeyRingThing has you covered. Visit right now, get your KeyRingThing today, and start the New Year right -- saving time and money!

Happy New Year!

Tim Jackoboice

CEO, KeyRingThing

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

KeyRingThing Helps Businesses Have A Happy 2011

2010 was a rocky year for many businesses. Small businesses especially had a rough go of it. But, as the old year draws to a close, smart business owners are looking to how they can make 2011 a better, more profitable year and KeyRingThing can help. Let's talk advertising:

In today's business environment everyone is trying to save a buck, but how to get your message out when newspaper ads run one day and then go into the recycling bin; magazine ads cost an arm and a leg; and no one but the biggest boys can afford TV? What to do to keep your business visible without going broke on advertising?

KeyRingThing has the answer.

Become one of our coupon merchants. Your local coupon is featured on our site and sent to thousands of our customers--right in your area--to use at your local business. If you are Joey's pizza in Naples, Florida, we won't be sending your coupon to Tempe, Arizona. Your neighbors down the block will get your coupon and come buy your pizza.

Our coupon price is so inexpensive you won't believe it (but we can make it so affordable because we have a monster database and low overhead--ah, the wonders of cyberspace.) Email us at or call us today (239) 591-3844 and get your product or service in the hands of local people --where it belongs.

Make 2011 the year you really grow your business and we, at KeyRingThing look forward to helping you do just that.

Ok, everybody, till next time. In our upcoming blogs, we will also explain the discount and loyalty programs features and benefits of the hundreds of loyalty card and discount programs of the merchant cards we feature. (You never actually read all that stuff they mailed you when they gave you the card, did you?) We'll help you get the most out of all the ones you are enrolled in and help you find out which ones you should be enrolled in (and, if you are one of our merchant coupon advertisers, we will help get your message and brand in front of thousands of new customers, and that's one sure way to have a happy new year!)

In the meantime, good luck on the last-minute shopping (we're glad KeyRingThing is helping to save you time and money) and Happy Holidays from all of us.

Tim Jackoboice,

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Welcome to the first blog of!

Welcome to our first blog at!

We are delighted you found us and we know that you are happy with the KeyRingThing you bought (or got as a thoughtful gift). We hope you will pass along word of this blog (and our great product) to all your friends. They will thank you for it.

To make explaining what service KeyRingThing offers it's customers, here's the short story:

You are in line at the drugstore (behind the many people who are buying last minute tape and ribbons) where your wife has sent you to pick up candy canes (for the tree), Band-Aids (for your son), and a bottle of aspirin (for the headache you have from all the holiday stress).

When you finally reach the register and the cashier asks for your loyalty card, you fumble through your wallet--find your gym membership card, your Kroger card, your Office Depot and Petco cards, but no drugstore card. Not only are the people in line behind you ready to strangle you, but you've missed out on the two-for-one band-aid sale, the "Buy One, Get Three Free” candy cane promotion and the 50% off that bottle of aspirin--all because you couldn't find the @#*$%)% loyalty card in your bulging wallet.

KeyRingThing would have saved the day and all for $4.95. Here's how the card works:

  • You go online to
  • You choose cards you carry from an easy-to-use scroll down list (we've got hundreds listed) and accept thousands more that we may not have heard of...)
  • You enter the bar code numbers of those cards.
  • You hit 'send' and that same day we ship out your wallet-sized KeyRingThing combining all six of those discount cards on to one card.

No more fumbling for the six cards. Your KeyRingThing keeps all their bar codes handy.

  • You'll never miss a promotion or discount again.
  • You'll speed though checkout lines
  • You'll get fantastic coupons to those merchants and clubs both mailed to you and online (only our customers get these deals).
  • You save the three most precious things—time, space, and money.

And speaking of money, we don't collect any financial info from our customers (nor do we track your purchases, so we aren't attracting that slimy spam to you) and best of all, KeyRingThing only costs $4.95!

KeyRingThing not only puts that fat wallet on an instant diet, but makes a great gift for any busy person (and who isn't way too busy, these days?) Read more about us (including lots of national press and happy customer testimonials at

Ok, everybody, till next time (this is a weekly blog. In it we will also explain the discount and loyalty programs features and benefits of the hundreds of loyalty card and discount programs of the merchant cards we feature. (You never actually read all that stuff they mailed you when they gave you the card, did you?) We'll help you get the most out of all the ones you are enrolled in and help you find out which ones you should be enrolled in.

In the meantime, good luck on the shopping--we're glad KeyRingThing is helping to save you time and money--and Happy Holidays from all of us.

Tim Jackoboice,