Sunday, December 12, 2010

Welcome to the first blog of!

Welcome to our first blog at!

We are delighted you found us and we know that you are happy with the KeyRingThing you bought (or got as a thoughtful gift). We hope you will pass along word of this blog (and our great product) to all your friends. They will thank you for it.

To make explaining what service KeyRingThing offers it's customers, here's the short story:

You are in line at the drugstore (behind the many people who are buying last minute tape and ribbons) where your wife has sent you to pick up candy canes (for the tree), Band-Aids (for your son), and a bottle of aspirin (for the headache you have from all the holiday stress).

When you finally reach the register and the cashier asks for your loyalty card, you fumble through your wallet--find your gym membership card, your Kroger card, your Office Depot and Petco cards, but no drugstore card. Not only are the people in line behind you ready to strangle you, but you've missed out on the two-for-one band-aid sale, the "Buy One, Get Three Free” candy cane promotion and the 50% off that bottle of aspirin--all because you couldn't find the @#*$%)% loyalty card in your bulging wallet.

KeyRingThing would have saved the day and all for $4.95. Here's how the card works:

  • You go online to
  • You choose cards you carry from an easy-to-use scroll down list (we've got hundreds listed) and accept thousands more that we may not have heard of...)
  • You enter the bar code numbers of those cards.
  • You hit 'send' and that same day we ship out your wallet-sized KeyRingThing combining all six of those discount cards on to one card.

No more fumbling for the six cards. Your KeyRingThing keeps all their bar codes handy.

  • You'll never miss a promotion or discount again.
  • You'll speed though checkout lines
  • You'll get fantastic coupons to those merchants and clubs both mailed to you and online (only our customers get these deals).
  • You save the three most precious things—time, space, and money.

And speaking of money, we don't collect any financial info from our customers (nor do we track your purchases, so we aren't attracting that slimy spam to you) and best of all, KeyRingThing only costs $4.95!

KeyRingThing not only puts that fat wallet on an instant diet, but makes a great gift for any busy person (and who isn't way too busy, these days?) Read more about us (including lots of national press and happy customer testimonials at

Ok, everybody, till next time (this is a weekly blog. In it we will also explain the discount and loyalty programs features and benefits of the hundreds of loyalty card and discount programs of the merchant cards we feature. (You never actually read all that stuff they mailed you when they gave you the card, did you?) We'll help you get the most out of all the ones you are enrolled in and help you find out which ones you should be enrolled in.

In the meantime, good luck on the shopping--we're glad KeyRingThing is helping to save you time and money--and Happy Holidays from all of us.

Tim Jackoboice,


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