Tuesday, December 21, 2010

KeyRingThing Helps Businesses Have A Happy 2011

2010 was a rocky year for many businesses. Small businesses especially had a rough go of it. But, as the old year draws to a close, smart business owners are looking to how they can make 2011 a better, more profitable year and KeyRingThing can help. Let's talk advertising:

In today's business environment everyone is trying to save a buck, but how to get your message out when newspaper ads run one day and then go into the recycling bin; magazine ads cost an arm and a leg; and no one but the biggest boys can afford TV? What to do to keep your business visible without going broke on advertising?

KeyRingThing has the answer.

Become one of our coupon merchants. Your local coupon is featured on our site and sent to thousands of our customers--right in your area--to use at your local business. If you are Joey's pizza in Naples, Florida, we won't be sending your coupon to Tempe, Arizona. Your neighbors down the block will get your coupon and come buy your pizza.

Our coupon price is so inexpensive you won't believe it (but we can make it so affordable because we have a monster database and low overhead--ah, the wonders of cyberspace.) Email us at tjackoboice@keyringthing.com or call us today (239) 591-3844 and get your product or service in the hands of local people --where it belongs.

Make 2011 the year you really grow your business and we, at KeyRingThing look forward to helping you do just that.

Ok, everybody, till next time. In our upcoming blogs, we will also explain the discount and loyalty programs features and benefits of the hundreds of loyalty card and discount programs of the merchant cards we feature. (You never actually read all that stuff they mailed you when they gave you the card, did you?) We'll help you get the most out of all the ones you are enrolled in and help you find out which ones you should be enrolled in (and, if you are one of our merchant coupon advertisers, we will help get your message and brand in front of thousands of new customers, and that's one sure way to have a happy new year!)

In the meantime, good luck on the last-minute shopping (we're glad KeyRingThing is helping to save you time and money) and Happy Holidays from all of us.

Tim Jackoboice,
CEO, KeyRingThing.com

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