Monday, April 25, 2011

Keep Your Motor Running with KRT & AutoZone

Your KeyRingThing card comes through again. Add your AutoZone rewards barcode to your KeyRingThing card and get down to your nearest AutoZone store to get your ride ready for the warmer weather. You don't have an AutoZone Rewards card yet? Well, read on and sign up...

From batteries to brakes, tools to trim, sealants to Superchargers, if it has to do with your vehicle, AutoZone is the place to find it. In these tough economic times, more and more people are doing it themselves when it comes to minor maintenance and repairs to their cars, trucks, motorcycles --even lawn tractors--and AutoZone provides not only the parts, but the testing and expert advice to make sure you get the job done right the first time. To help you save money doing it, sign up for AutoZone Rewards here.

At AutoZone, the customer always comes first. So, as their way of saying, "Thanks for shopping AutoZone," they have developed AutoZone Rewards. It's Easy:

  • Pick up your FREE AutoZone Rewards card at any AutoZone store.

  • Present your card every time you make a qualifying purchase.

  • Check your reward status on your receipt or on-line at

  • Use your rewards to purchase any merchandise throughout the store when you visit AutoZone .

  • You get paid to shop with AutoZone and can manage your account online.

  • Track your earnings and see how much further you have until your next Reward.

  • View your transactions to keep track of purchases with your Autozone Rewards card.

  • Customize your profile updating and keeping current your address, contact information and more.

  • Get special offers and promotions - available only to registered members.

And now... Request credit! If you did not receive Autozone Rewards credit for a purchase, you can now request credit online. Simply click 'Request Credit' once you sign in and provide the required information. It's that simple.

Use your AutoZone Rewards card in the store by August 31, 2011 for a chance to win a weekly prize of $1000 and members get $10 off your next $50 purchase by registering your email address at (electronic circulars will also be sent to your inbox, keeping you on top of all sales.)

Registered users also have access to free Vehicle Repair Guides. These Guides have vehicle-specific printable repair instructions covering a large number of models from 1950-2007. Registered users can also keep track of their vehicle's service history as well as sign up to receive e-mailed information about their vehicle, including, Technical Service Bulletin titles, recall notices and service reminders. Plus, you can receive special personalized information about your vehicle, including Technical Service Bulletin titles, recall notices, service reminders, your vehicle's service history and various other vehicle related information.

Here's other reasons to love AutoZone:

Loan-A-Tool: There's nothing like having the right tool for the job.

That's the idea behind AutoZone's Loan-A-Tool service. It's the most complete selection of seldom-used, expensive-to-own specialty tools that will help you do the job right. They offer more than 60 different tools for all sorts of jobs - steering and suspension work, air conditioning jobs, engine repair, and more. Using the Loan-A-Tool service is easy. Just leave a deposit at the store when you pick up the tool. When you're through, just bring it back, and they'll refund the deposit. They loan tools dealing with Air-Conditioning Parts, Belts, Clutch, Exhaust, Heating and Cooling, Lifting, Oil Pump, Pullers (Specialized and Universal), Steering and Suspension, Tubing, Valvetrain Repair and Wheel and Axle. Stop by your local store and ask an AutoZoner for assistance.The AutoZone Loan-A-Toolservice, one more way they take care of people who take care of their cars.

Introducing... Z-net Only At AutoZone

Z-net, an exciting breakthrough in automotive technology, and available only at AutoZone, is the new electronic catalog that lets AutoZoners not only look up the parts you need fast, it also helps you get the job done right the first time, every time by providing complete job solutions, advice and information for your vehicles. Here's what Z-net provides:

Job Diagrams --Simplylook up a part to view and print the job diagram.

Key jobs and part information.

Exploded views of automotive systems.

Related text describing the operations of different components.


Part-number specific images.

Product banners that showcase all the great brands available.

Multiple product views on some products.

Vehicle-specific repair information.

Step-by-step instructions about the job you are working on.

AutoZone also offers:

Free Testing

Don't buy a part you don't need. AutoZone will test your car's parts for free. They can test your car's battery, alternator, starter and voltage regulator while they're still on your car. They can also give your car a complete starting and charging systems test. You can also take your alternator, starter or battery into our store and they'll test it. In most stores, they can also test voltage regulators, control modules, coils, throttle position sensors (TPSs) and other engine management components.

Battery Charging

AutoZone can charge your battery for free while you wait. Let's say you left the lights on in your car overnight, and your battery is dead. What should you do? Take your battery to AutoZone. They have a Duralast Fast Charger that can charge your battery for free while you wait. The fast charger charges 12-volt batteries in about 30 minutes. AutoZone also offers overnight battery charging for 6 or 12-volt lawn and garden, motorcycle and marine batteries.

Nationwide Warranty

Lose your receipt? They store your warranty purchases in their national database.They can easily access your warranties from any store when you give them your name or telephone number. Have questions about your warranty? Call or come in to one of the stores.

Oil and Battery Recycling

Who wants used oil and batteries? They do! AutoZone recycles used oil and batteries in most stores. At AutoZone, they're dedicated to protecting the environment by providing drivers with a safe and easy way to dispose of used oil and batteries. Every AutoZone store accepts used batteries for recycling and 95% of their stores accept used motor oil. Last year, AutoZone recycled more than 6.5 million batteries and 20 million quarts of oil. That's more than any other retailer in America. Get in the Zone and recycle today.

In Store Rebates and Specials Coming Right Up

  • Gabriel Ride the Savings Event 05/07/2011-05/21/2011

  • $5 Consumer MIR on the Easy Clean Spray Gun & 7 Piece Brush Value Pack 05/07/2011-06/07/2011

  • $5 Consumer Mail in Rebate on the Peak Spray Gun. 05/07/2011-06/07/2011

  • Peak Electronics Rebate Save $10 on the Peak Wireless Back-Up Sensor, $20 on the Peak 2.4" Wireless Back-Up Camera, $20 on the Peak 3.5" Wireless Back-Up Camera or $25 on the Rearview Mirror Back-Up Camera after mail in rebate.05/02/2011-06/02/2011

  • $10 Off Slime One (1) Gallon Tire Sealant 05/02/2011-05/16/2011

  • Edelbrock Big Carb Deal Free Air Cleaner Promotion 04/30/2011-05/31/2011

  • $1.50 per plug rebate on CHAMPIONEZ STARTLawn and Garden spark plugs and entry into Champion Lawn Tractor Giveaway Sweepstakes 04/30/2011-05/23/2011

  • $17.99 YOUR CHOICE VALVOLINE CONVENTIONAL OR NEW! NextGen Conventional Motor Oil And An STP Oil Filter (filters up to $4.49) Includes Your Choice Of A 5+ Qt. Oil Change Jug Or 5 Single Qts. Offer good through 5/02/11.

  • YOUR CHOICE $3.99 EACH: Black Magic Tire Wet Trigger #BM23 reg. $5.99, 23 oz. - Black Magic Tire Wet Foam #BM22145 reg. $5.49, 18 oz. - Blue Coral Upholstery Cleaner #DC22 reg. $4.99, 22.8 oz. - Westley's/Black Magic Bleche Wite #555-6P reg. $3.99, 32 OZ. Offer good through 5/02/11.

  • SAVE UP TO $20 SAVE $1.25 PER PLUG AFTER MAIL-IN Rebate Autolite Platinum Spark Plugs Good through 5/2/11.

  • SAVE $2 Gumout Regane Complete Fuel System Cleaner reg. $6.99 ea. Offer good through 5/02/11.

  • YOUR CHOICE $3.99 ALL ArmorAll Ultra Shine Products Offer good through 5/02/11. Restrictions apply to all rebates and in-store offers. Visit your local AutoZone store for details.

    If the warmer weather has you headed for the driveway to fix that old jalopy, sign up for AutoZone Rewards, put the bar code on your KeyRingThing card, and start shopping. Here's to happy motoring and safe driving.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Parents Love KeyRingThing & Babies"R" Us

April showers don't only bring May flowers. It seems as the weather warms up another crop is ready for harvest. Babies! It seems like all our young friends are having babies and all those little ones need a lot of gear. Your KeyRingThing card can help in outfitting that new arrival.

Babies “R” Us, the superstore for all things baby, offers reward cards for loyal and frequent customers and lots of special promotions for joining, too! So read on about the goodies you get with your member card, put the bar code right on your KeyRingThing card (freeing your hands to juggle the little ones) and off you go go to get all geared up for baby.

What is Rewards “R” Us: It's a program designed to reward their best guests for the purchases they make at Babies"R"Us. Guests of Babies "R" Us can enroll in the Rewards "R"Us program either in-store or online at Upon enrollment, active loyalty program members become eligible for a variety of both one-time and ongoing benefits as well as short-term promotions. They also will be eligible for Babies "R" Us Dollars certificates and all other reward certificates which can be used to purchase lots of the merchandise at the Babies “R” Us stores or online. Once you are a member of Rewards “R” Us, you can also join...

Registry Rewards

Rewards"R"Us members creating a new baby registry in-store or online will become eligible to receive credit for all qualifying purchases made off their registry from the point of registry creation through 90 days post-event date. Don't have your Registry set up yet? You can do so here:

You'll also get the latest Product Recall Notifications (great for a new parent's peace of mind), advanced notice of in-store sales (including special store hours), members-only sales and special events, as well as getting discount offers by email. You can even earn the Rewards every time family and friends make a purchase from your registry!

And here's some other specials for Rewards

  • Buy 9 Pampers® Diapers Value Boxes, Get the 10th FREE

    Rewards "R"Us members who participate in Diaper Rewards will be eligible to receive 1 Free Pampers® Value Box (64 ct. - 252 ct.) when 
9 Pampers Value Boxes are purchased.

  • Buy 9 Huggies® Diapers Value Boxes, Get the 10th FREE

    Rewards"R"Us members who participate in Diaper Rewards will be eligible to receive 1 Free Huggies Value Box (68 ct.-264 ct.) when 
9 Huggies Value Boxes are purchased.

  • Buy 9 Cases of Gerber® Good Start® Ready-to-Feed Infant Formula, Get the 10th FREE

    You'll receive 1 free Gerber® Good Start® case of 32 oz. Ready-to-Feed Formula for every 9 Gerber® Good Start® 32 oz. Ready-to-Feed cases that are purchased (with membership) within a 12-month period.

  • Buy 9 Cases of Enfamil® 32 fl. oz. 
Ready-to-Feed Infant Formula, get the 10th FREE

    You'll receive 1 free Enfamil® case of 32 fl. oz. Ready-to-Feed Infant Formula for every 9 Enfamil® 32 fl. oz. Ready-to-Feed Infant Formula cases that are purchased (with membership) within a 12-month period.

  • Buy 9 Cases of Select Similac® 32 oz. Ready-to-Feed Infant Formula, get the 10th FREE

    Offer valid for Similac® Advance™, Similac Sensitive® and
Similac Soy Isomil ® only

    You'll receive 1 free Similac® case of 32 oz. Ready-to-Feed Infant Formula for every 9 Similac® 32 oz. Ready-to-Feed Infant Formula cases that are purchased (with membership) within a 12-month period.

  • Buy 9 Cans of any Babies"R"Us® Infant Formula Powder
23.2 oz. or larger, get the 10th FREE

    You'll receive 1 free Babies”R”Us® Infant Formula Powder can 23.2 oz. or larger when 9 cans of Babies”R”Us® Infant Formula Powder 23.2 oz. or larger are purchased (with membership) within a 12-month period.

  • Buy 4 LeapFrog® Books or Games,
Get the 5th FREE*

    You'll receive 1 LeapFrog Book or Game for every 4 participating products that are purchased within a 12-month period. Offer valid for Tag™ Junior, Tag™, Leapster®2 and Leapster Explorer™ products only.

****Here's another incentive to join, but you've got to hurry:
Earn “R”Us Dollars at Babies”R”Us, in-store until April 30, 2011.

Spend $150 in qualifying purchases, get a $5 reward certificate. Receive up to $20 “R”Us Dollars per month, $60 per earning period.

And if you still need convincing--Now Rewards “R Us members get hassle-free returns. No receipt? No problem. Simply present your KeyRingThing card with the Babies “R” Us bar code and returns can be made with no receipt.

See all the terms and conditions of the loyalty programs at the Babies “R” Us Rewards site at and have fun welcoming that new little person into your life.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Swing Into Spring Part 2 With KeyRingThing & Loew's

Last week, we told all of you how your KeyRingThing card could help you get rid of clutter in your wallet and how to save money at Home Depot. Well we caused quite a kerfuffle by not detailing how you could do the same at Loew's! We heard from so many of you that we are happy to give you Spring Into Spring Part 2-For all you Loew's fans out there.

First let's talk about two types of cards that Lowe's offers it's preferred customers. Add the barcode of either to your KeyRingThing card and start shopping.

The Lowe's Credit Card offers exclusive special financing offers, low monthly payments, online account management, and a wide range of credit lines-making it perfect for everyday purchases.

The Lowe's Project Card offers you a financing option for projects and major purchases made at Lowe's. The card offers low monthly payments, and online account management. You will open a Project Window online and, after your initial purchase of $1000 or more, you'll enjoy a 6-month purchase period with only minimum payments and no interest accruing.

There's even a handy online tool to pick which card is right for you. Try it out here.

Both cards are a big help when you start to tackle your Spring projects. If one of those is to finally take care of that tired lawn, here's a helpful article from Loew's for you:

Fertilizing Your Lawn

Fertilizing is the best way to ensure that your lawn will be healthy and weed-free. It's easy to do once you determine the proper type of fertilizer to use. Lowe's has all the information you need to choose the correct fertilizer.

Why Fertilize the Lawn?

Your soil supplies some of the nutrients that turfgrass needs but most soils are not able to provide all of them during the entire growing season. A healthy and actively-growing lawn uses a great deal of energy. Fertilizer helps your lawn stay healthy by:

  • Promoting new leaf and root growth.
  • Aiding in recovery from foot traffic and pest damage.
  • Reducing and controlling weeds.
  • Replacing nutrients lost to leaching, volatilization and grass clipping removal.

Types of Lawn Fertilizer

Fertilizer is available in two main types - liquid and granular. Choose the one that meets your lawn's needs in the form that is easiest for you to use. Liquid fertilizers are fast-acting. Since they are quickly absorbed, they require application every 2-3 weeks. Most are mixed with water prior to application with a garden hose attachment. Granular fertilizers are applied with a spreader and must be watered into the grass. Granular fertilizers are easier to control because you can actually see how much fertilizer you are using and where it is being dispersed. Granular fertilizers are produced in two different formulations, quick-release and slow-release.

Quick-Release and Slow-Release Fertilizer

Quick-release fertilizer typically lasts for three to four weeks, depending upon the temperature and the amount of rainfall. For general use, these water-soluble nitrogen fertilizers (WSN) are also known as commodity or field grade fertilizers. There are two main types of slow-release fertilizers, known as water-insoluble nitrogen (WIN), available for specific applications.

Sulfur coated, which lasts for about 8 weeks and Polymer coated, lasting about 12 weeks. Both time estimates may vary depending upon the amount of rainfall. To avoid unwanted growth stimulation, do not apply slow-release fertilizer late in the growing season.

Weed and Feed

Weed and Feed is a common term which refers to fertilizer that contains weed killer for broadleaf weeds such as dandelions. Pre-emergents, such as those commonly used to prevent crabgrass, are weed killers which must be applied before the weeds germinate. They are ineffective if the weeds are already actively growing. Pre-emergent weed killers are often mixed with fertilizer and are designed to be spread in early spring. Crabgrass normally germinates when the ground temperature reaches 60ー F - the ground temperature at which dogwood trees start to bud and forsythias begin blooming.

The weed killer in post-emergent types of fertilizers are contact killers, and are effective only if the weeds are already actively growing. They will not kill weeds which have not yet germinated. Timing of the application of pre-and post-emergents is critical for success. Applying these products too early or too late is essentially a waste of time. Read the package carefully before selecting to be sure which product fits your needs.

How to Read a Fertilizer Package Label

The three numbers (often called NPK) on a fertilizer package tell you the percentage of the base elements nutrient makeup by weight. These percentages in fertilizer compounds are formulated for everything from asparagus to zinnias. The three main components are:

  • Nitrogen (symbol N) for leaf development and vivid green color.
  • Phosphorous (symbol P) for root growth.
  • Potassium (symbol K) for root development and disease resistance.

For example, a bag marked "16-4-8" contains 16 percent nitrogen, 4 percent phosphorous and 8 percent potassium. The other 72 percent is usually inert filler material, such as clay pellets or granular limestone. To know how much of each is in the bag, multiply the percentage by the size (weight) of the bag. (Example: a 50 lb. bag of 10-10-10 contains 5 pounds each of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium)

There may also be secondary elements such as calcium for root growth, magnesium for sugar formation, and sulfur for green color. The minor elements that may be present are zinc, iron, manganese, copper, molybdenum and boron. Don't feel concerned or cheated by the presence of the so-called inert material in the fertilizer bag. Its purpose is to help distribute the fertilizer evenly and prevent chemical burn.

So say adios to winter, grab your KeyRingThing card, and get out into The Great Outdoors. Loew's and KeyRingThing can help you make the most of your time there.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Swing Into Spring With KeyRingThing and The Home Depot

Though it was a long time coming, Spring is finally here and that is good news to all you gardeners. Finally, you can put away the daydreams and get started on this year's garden.

You'll need lots of flower and vegetable plants (not to mention replacing that sorry spade or rusty shovel) but before you go shopping, there's three things you should do:
1. Apply here for a Home Depot Consumer Credit card, and you'll enjoy 10% off all your purchases.
2. Unclutter your wallet by putting your Home Depot's Consumer Credit Card's bar code on your KeyRingThing card.
3. Join the Home Depot Garden Club here. It's free and let's you take your place in a community of gardeners, share regional how-to's, and receive exclusive members-only coupons and discounts delivered right to your inbox.
Then grab your KeyRingThing card and head on over to The Home Depot, where you'll find everything you need to make your garden grow.

Here are some tips from the Home Depot to help you pick out the perfect plants to create your very own Eden:

Choosing Garden Center Plants

Pro tips from Garden Center experts

One of the much-anticipated rites of spring is the mad dash to the Garden Center, where enthusiastic green thumbs will find the shelves well stocked with hard-to-resist plant temptations. Wondering what to buy? Do you covet the newest varieties or make a beeline for tried-and-true favorites? No matter what you choose, you’ll want to look for plants that will perform well in your garden.

The Home Depot Garden Center experts take extra care to bring you healthy, robust plants. Take full advantage our experts primer to help you select one that is right for you.


  • Before you head to the Garden Center, take note of the conditions in your garden. For example, are your flowerbeds in the sun or shade? Is the soil moist or dry? Do you want a garden that blooms throughout the growing season? While shopping for plants with this information in hand, you can seek the varieties best suited to your growing conditions.
  • Look for plants with lots of leafy growth and many buds.
  • Know the potential size and proportion of the plant so it fits the space you’re planning to transplant it to once you bring it home.


  • Choose short and stocky ones with dense branching, which indicates a healthy and well-distributed root system.
  • It’s better to buy plants that are still in bud rather than in full bloom. Initially, non-blooming plants spend more energy producing strong roots, which encourages better flowering throughout summer.
  • Perennials
  • Consider the shape of the plant. Select sturdy specimens with strong-looking, full foliage with multiple stems.
  • Since most perennials need at least one year before blooming, bigger is definitely better. A larger container indicates the plant has spent a winter outside and is acclimatized to the weather. Once planted in your garden, it will become established easier and bloom faster. Younger plants may not bloom the first year.
  • For low-maintenance options, ask your Garden Center expert for recommendations that will not need lots of care but will provide years of interest.

Trees and Shrubs

  • Look for plump buds in early spring, when leaves may not have emerged yet.
  • Look for even branching on all sides, with fuller rather than taller growth.
  • When it comes to trees and shrubs, size may matter to you. Larger specimens will initially make your landscape look more established and mature, but if you’re willing to wait two or three years, those in smaller containers are less expensive and can eventually outpace larger ones.
All of us at KeyRingThing wish you a Spectacular Spring!